Caistor Roman Project

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Working in partnership with the University of Nottingham since 2007, CRP members have been involved with excavations and surveys in and around the Roman town of Venta Icenorum. Information about this work, including interim reports, blogs and links to videos can be found here.

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CRP Blogs

Excavations and surveys at the Roman town

From 2007 until 2012, CRP was involved in research within the walled area of Venta Icenorum, including major seasons of excavation from 2009-2012. See the dig blogs to see what we found. As well as the project's academic publications, a useful summary can also be found in this article from Current Archaeology magazine.

"A town of the Iceni" conference

In January 2017, CRP organised a one-day conference with the University of Nottingham. Sponsored by the British Academy, the conference brought together specialists and archaeologists working on the Roman town to summarise results to date. Abstracts from the day can be found here. Copies of the displays used at the conference can also be accessed including a timeline for the development of the town and more information on the work of the volunteers.


Archive work on the site and the village

As part of our recent Heritage Lottery Fund project, our members have been carrying out archive research relating to the site and the village itself. For an excellent collection of newspaper cuttings relating to the history of Caistor in the 20th century, click here.


New test-pitting and survey in Caistor St. Edmund village

During 2014 and 2015, CRP members have been investigating the extra-mural area of the Roman town that lies in the area of the present village. In particular we have been looking at the area that lies within the triple-ditch enclosure that surrounds the Roman town. This work, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Foyle Foundation, the John Jarrold Trust and the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, is giving us important new information about the suburbs of the Roman town. An interim report on the 2015 work can be found here.


New excavation and geophysical survey around the Roman town

In 2016, CRP was awarded a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to help the group develop the skills of its members and enhance the wider public benefit of its work through a new programme of survey and excavation around the Roman town. This project will run from 2016-2019. See the CRP blog for further updates.

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