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Download REGISTRATION FORM here for 2017 Excavation. Please note, in order to participate in this excavation, you need to be a current member of Caistor Roman Project. Download APPLICATION FORM here.


News about the project is distributed to members via the Caistor Clarion, an email newsletter that normally goes out approximately once a month (and more frequently if there is a lot going on). News of wider public interest is also posted here.

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This summer's excavation will be at Caistor Old Hall, courtesy of our patron, Anthony Jarrold.


Giles Emery, our resident archaeologist and owner of Norvic Archaeology, has identified areas within the grounds of the Old Hall that will hopefully reveal statified archaeology.


The dates for the excavation will be for 2 weeks from 19th August to 3rd September 2017, although the start and finish dates may be amended slightly.


If you would like to join us or have any queries, please email with an expression of interest, letting me know the dates you are available and whether you are interested in excavation, pot washing or any other duties and I will send you a form to complete once the information and dates are finalised. Thanks, Wendy.




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