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News about the project is distributed to members via the Caistor Clarion, an email newsletter that normally goes out approximately once a month (and more frequently if there is a lot going on). News of wider public interest is also posted here.

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Easter Dig


This year’s Easter dig will run from 21 April to 28 April. To ensure we achieve the highest standards of excavation it is essential to maintain continuity within the team. To do this, we have decided (as last year) to split the applications into an Excavation Team (you’ll be digging) and those who wish to be Support Team volunteers. Excavators will be expected to commit full-time to their chosen days and will be required to carryout a full range of tasks including recording, drawing, photography and other tasks.


There will be a waiting list once all excavation places are filled.


Please complete either the Excavation Only Application Form (if you are applying to dig) or the Support Only Application Form if you want join the Support Team.


The excavation might involve 1m test pits and (or) small trenches. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a free excavation investigating the wider environs of Caistor St. Edmund. Full details of the location will be emailed to successful applicants nearer the time.


If you wish to join us, please complete the application  below and return to ASAP and no later than the 21 March 2019.


Excavation Team Application Form


Support Team Application Form


Please Note

The application forms are Word Documents. You will need to download and save and then open the document in Word before completion.



2019 dig leisurewear

To create your own fabulous Caistor 2019 clothing, download a choice of logos from Helen Hipper's design, which is based on our previous Samian finds

DR 29 version T shirt design 2019