Caistor Roman Project

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News about the project is distributed to members via the Caistor Clarion, an email newsletter that normally goes out approximately once a month (and more frequently if there is a lot going on). News of wider public interest is also posted here.

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As part of our successful HLF bid, we will be excavating the ditches in Wymer Field from Saturday 13th August to Thursday 25th August 2016 and we will also be doing a few more test pits around the area. Follow the dig blog here.


We need volunteers in all sorts of roles to help out from Friday 12th August to Friday 26th August and the best thing is it’s all free! All we ask from you is that you are a member of Caistor Roman Project and that you will give your commitment to work with us on the days/weeks you say you will.


If you would like to participate, please fill in the form here and return it to Please make sure you return your form by Sunday 24th July so that rotas can be arranged and places confirmed.


If you have any queries on the excavation please email Wendy or Mike Pinner